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Engineers installing air conditioning unit on office roof

Keep your staff happy with a comfortable workplace

Getting the right temperature in a commercial environment is far more difficult than at home. There's a lot to take into consideration including the amount of people in the office, the heat generated from computers and the air flow in and out of the building. Solar gain is also a consideration as most new office buildings have floor to ceiling glass windows

Therefore, getting a right balance all year round with the right mixture of heating and office air conditioning requires expertise and experience. Using state of the art office heating systems and air vent systems, we'll create a comfortable and safe environment to ensure maximum staff efficiency.

Before starting any project, we'll make sure we have collated as much information as possible, such as the amount of staff in the building and the hardware being used. This will enable us to get the job right first time and save you money.

It is probable you will have a comms room that will require a stable temperature to maintain the performance of your systems. We can calculate the levels of cooling required and design a system to ensure optimal conditions.

Plumber installing new radiator valve using an adjustable spanner

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